Yoga Thinking was a great mix of timeout,
method training and outcome-oriented work.
In a short amount of time, I was able to go in depth
with my team and develop a shared vision.
Through this beautiful shared experience we now
know better, where we are heading and which
challenges we have to face to get there.
— Pauline Tonhauser,

What is Yoga Thinking?

Yoga Thinking is a mindful problem solving methodology. Intuition, co-creation and mindfulness are the three cornerstones that help you find answers to your challenges. In Yoga Thinking, we tap into the powerful tools & philosophies of Yoga and Design Thinking.

This unique approach can be applied to personal everyday challenges as well as to complex organizational challenges or large societal problems. Bodywork and meditation enable you to find answers with less stress.

Who said you can’t be effective and happy at the same time?

Rediscover Yourself

2-day program

at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

on 19 - 20 July 2019


Yoga Thinking is ALL ABout …


Yoga Thinking helps you to tap into your own intuition and use it to inform  decision making and solve problems. We use meditations and somatic exercises to give you access to your informed intuition based on tacit and implicit knowledge, emotions and experiences.

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Mindfulness is trending, and for good reasons. Yoga Thinking helps you become fully centered in the present and aware of your stream of feelings and thoughts. In the Yoga Thinking process, we us this state of mind to focus your attention and build empathy with yourself and others and clarity about your own thoughts, to filter information, to identify patterns and come up with new ideas.

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Intuition, mindfulness and body exercises are the base in order to come into a state of flow while working with the Yoga Thinking Process. We pay a lot of attention to managing the level of energy throughout the day with a purposeful mix of meditative and action-oriented phases. You will come up with new ideas, solve difficult challenges and feel productive all without feeling drained at the end of the day.

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In Yoga Thinking, we tap into the power of co-creation and team work to inspire and support each other. At the same time, you will have enough time to also quietly look into and think for yourself. We understand that teamwork and solitary work are both valuable and complementary in order to solve our complex problems.

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We offer services for … 


Mindful Personal Development

Mindful Leadership Training

Mindful Team Building

Mindful Innovation & Strategy

Yoga Thinking Method Training

Conference Wellness


Asana Storming

Asana Storming is one of the various Yoga Thinking methods that we created for idea generation. It comes from the words 'asana' (body posture) and 'storming', Asana Storming is a silent brainstorming technique, where a certain body movement or exercise is carried out as a distinctive part of idea generation. In a group setting and co-creation process we us asanas to break up station brainstorming. The asanas help to clear the mind and be completely present and mentally ready for the next brainstorming question.

In the video below, you can see an example of an individual approach. And why not try it out for yourself?


Clients and Partners

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What people say about us …

I would not have dreamt of, that it would be possible, in just one weekend -
to re-align my life and strategically find my next steps with the help of the Yoga Thinking method.
Especially to do all this in a playful way with the help of so cordial and inspiring trainers. I would do it again anytime and can really recommend it.
— Maria, YT Retreat Participant
I really appreciated the quality coaching I received from the whole team of the Yoga Thinking trainers.
Not only was I able to examine and find an answer to a personal business problem, but also experience the astonishing benefits of Kundalini Yoga and breathing techniques whilst having a good time in a beautiful environment.
— Eugen, YT Retreat Participant